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Los Pilares Mexican Restaurant | Tacos | Bartlett, TN

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Visit us for an authentic Mexican food feast or call for takeout at:

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Find an array of deliciously seasoned chicken (pollo) dishes with vegetables and cheese at Los Pilares Mexican Restaurant. Order the pollo loco with rice beans and tortillas, pollo fundido with sour cream, cheese and spinach, or pollo con queso with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms,

and cheese.

“Nice friendly people, the food is wonderful, fast and nicely priced.”

- Betty Peppers Ginn via

Chicken Grilled Chicken Phone

Chicken (Pollo)



grilled chicken breast covered with bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, and melted cheese, served with rice, beans and tortillas



special seasoned grilled chicken served with rice, beans and tortillas



strips of grilled premium chicken with a sauce of sour cream, cheese and spinach. Served with cheese, rice & beans and your choice of flour or corn tortillas

Bartlett: 901-377-8338

Millington: 901-872-0878